10th and Poplar
On four-lane Highway 51
Cairo, IL  62914

Pastor - Larry Potts
Music Director - Sandy Potts

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Welcome to Mighty Rivers
Worship Center

Mighty Rivers Regional Worship Center proclaims Jesus Christ as God's Son, Who is the Savior of us all, and Who is coming again as Lord and Redeemer.  Through faith in the Lord Jesus, we live in the forgiveness and presence of God Himself, and in His Holy Spirit we walk together.

We gladly welcome all who will come to worship God in this place. 



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During the Apollo 8 space flight, Astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders, took pictures of the earth from outer space, sent them back with this message from Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The American atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, filed a lawsuit against that being done. That flight  was December 21 -27, 1968.

Barely seven months later, July 16-24, Apollo 11 put the first man on the moon. Neil Armstrong would be the first man to walk on the moon, and as he set foot on the Lunar surface he made this well-known statement: “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” No one was offended.

But few people know what else happened. Buzz Aldrin was on that flight. He was the second man to step foot on the moon. He was a Presbyterian elder, and he had taken with him a small communion kit. On Sunday of the week, July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin sent a radio broadcast back to earth, saying, “I’d like to take this opportunity to ask every person listening in, whoever and wherever they may be, to pause for a moment and contemplate the events of the past few hours, and to give thanks in his or her own way.”

At this point there was a radio blackout because of the lawsuit O’Hair had filed, but Buzz Aldrin read these words from outer space: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit.” Buzz Aldrin then gave thanks and partook of Holy Communion, but the world never saw it or heard about it.

Whether on the moon or in an old church sanctuary down here on the corner of Tenth and Poplar, we want to be forever grateful for what Jesus Christ has done for each one of us. That’s why we gather at the Table of the Lord on Thanksgiving Eve for sweet communion, to remember and to be grateful.